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Incorporated in 11992, Main Street Insurance agency specializes in Horse & Farm insurance but provides a wide range of coverage to commercial clients and individuals throughout NY, NJ, PA, TX, GA, NC & FL. MSI is also a proud member of the Alpha Associates, Inc., an insurance group of 20 professional agents represented throughout Western New York, and Northern Pennsylvania.

Photo taken for our 30-year anniversary in 2022

Car Insurance

Auto Insurance

We can handle all your vehicle insurance needs — cars, motorcycles, and more. Request a quote HERE.

House Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Protect your house, your home, your castle. Request a quote HERE.

House Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance policies tailored to the horse owner, package your dwelling, property, horse barn, and arena with horse operations liability. Coverage for owned and/or boarded horses can be extended to cover instructors, trainers, and students. Learn more HERE.

Horse Insurance

Equine Insurance

The Livestock Mortality policy provides non-guaranteed renewable Term Life Insurance for your horse. It is an “All-Risk” policy which will cover death from almost any cause, subject to certain exclusions. Learn more HERE.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

To receive a quote and review your existing coverage, feel free to contact us, or you may start the quoting process by filling out our online form. Request a quote HERE.

Other Insurance

Other Insurance

All the rest: Personal & Business Auto / Recreational Vehicles / Homeowner / Tenant Homeowner / Landlord’s Coverage / Personal & Business Umbrellas / Contractors Package Policy / Contractors Bonding. Contact us today to review and quote coverage.